Winning Lower Moreland Students to Participate in State Science Fair

Lower Moreland High School and Murray Avenue students will travel to Penn State University on May 13-15 after placing in the PJAS Science Competition.

Thirty-eight Lower Moreland students from grades 7–11 competed in the PJAS Science Competition in late February and now 18 of them advanced to the state competition that will take place at Penn State University’s Main Campus on May 13-15.

Congratulations to the students who participated and to those continuing on at Penn State! Below is a complete listing of students:

FIRST PLACE (going to Penn State)

GRADE David Grabovsky 9 Thomas Glass 10 Matthew Smith 10 David Lakata 11 Clayton Howard 7 Patrick McEntee 8 Michael Litz 8 Jessica Tsang 8 Samuel Scoll 8 Matt Grabel 8 Marjanna Smith 7 Justin Yi 8 Justin Feng 8 Sheryl Shajimon 8 Tiffany Purpora 8 Katya Farber 7 Faustina Nguyen 7 Justin Barcusky 8


STUDENT GRADE Tina Wang 10 Lara Nasser 8 Gina Banford 7 Molly Smith 7 Mikayla Fassler 7 Dylan Band 8 Helen Chalhoub 8 Ruth Thomas 8 Samantha Glass 7 Glenn Oh 7 Abhishek Shankar 7 Joey Chalhoub 7 Steven Dinh-Vo 8 Fox McGinnis 8 Daniel Raskay 8 Alan Shtraks


STUDENT GRADE Roger Glass 11 Julianna Magazzeni 7




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