Senior Dues now Being Collected

Students who are seniors at the high school will need to pay their dues by Dec. 14.

Seniors are required to pay Senior Dues to cover various expenses involved with graduation and their senior year. Some of the items that these dues will pay for are the engraved senior year yearbook, graduation items (such as caps, gowns, etc.), the senior picnic fees and other assorted items.

This year, Senior Dues will be $145.00. They will be collected from December 3rd through December 14th 2012. Cash or a check made payable to LMHS will be accepted. The senior class officers will collect this money during the forum periods and lunch periods of those 2 weeks. Late fees will be added for those students who do not pay their dues on time. Also, if a family chooses to pay by check and that check proceeds to “bounce” due to insufficient funds then only cash will be accepted as payment from that point on.

Additionally, the Senior Prom is another high cost item for seniors. The price per
couple varies from year to year based on what the students plan for that night along with the fluctuating prices of the items involved. In the previous 15 years, the price per couple has always fluctuated from $140.00 to $180.00. This money will be collected around February or March of 2013. Fundraising efforts like Movie Night, Java Jam and The Battle of the Bands are run year-round to help keep these prices down. Please encourage the students to assist in these endeavors.

Thank you for your support.
Anthony Tamaccio
Senior Class Sponsor
Lower Moreland High School


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