School Board, Education Assoc. Agree on Teacher Contracts Through 2015

The previous Lower Moreland teacher contract expired on Aug. 30, 2012.

The Lower Moreland School Board and the Lower Moreland Education Association have come to an agreement on teacher contracts for the years 2012-2013 though 2014-2015.

The formal announcement was made at the School Board meeting last week after School Board President Dr. Murray Cohen and Vice President Michael Mueller, and LM Education Association co-Presidents Tom Church and Craig Freeman came to terms on the contact.

The previous contract expired Aug. 30, 2012. The new contract includes a Person Choice 10/20/70 for healthcare. This was the district's only "core plan" and 3.94-percent of employee salaries will be applied against medical, prescription and dental premiums. Only medical was taken out under the previous contract.

The breakdown of the contract is as follows:

2012-2013 Full Freeze on salary. 2013-2014 Full step plus .5-percent to the grid. This equates to an overall salary increase of 2.63-percent. Healthcare moves to 4-percent employee contribution. 2014-2015 Full step plus .25-percent to grid. Additionally, those on step 14 will get $525 extra compensation that will not be added to their base for the following year. This equates to an overall salary increase of 2.60-percent. Healthcare moves to 6-percent employee contribution.

“We are pleased to have been able to reach a fair and reasonable contract for both the District and the teachers in what is a difficult economic environment,” Lower Moreland Superintendent Dr. Marykay Feeley said. "Certainly, often times, a good year or so before it expires, conversations ensue between the Board and the Association."

For the School Board, the contract was negotiated by Vice President Michael Mueller as well as Dr. Cohen.

“They did the previous contract,” Feeley said, in addition to Church and Freeman. “They met about a year before the actual contract was going to expire.”

David N February 26, 2013 at 08:51 PM
And my taxes will go up another 5 percent.


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