More School Bus Cameras Added in Lower Moreland

Lower Moreland School Board officials are also looking into a system where children would be required to have a card scanned when they enter and exit the bus.

Lower Moreland School District has installed 41 new camera on school buses to help protect its students.

Those cameras will monitor activity inside each school bus, but school board officials are still looking into ways to add more cameras to increase security and safety.

Exterior cameras with a wider view of what’s happening outside of the bus are being explored as a possible purchase. Feeley said they will cost $225 to buy and install each camera.

“In essence, it would give the view that the driver has,” Superintendent Marykay Feeley said.

Lower Moreland is also discussing using a school bus tracking system called “ZPass.” Using this system, each student would be required to carry a card that would need to be scanned once a student walks on and off the bus.

“It is pretty brand new,” Feeley said. “There are a couple school districts across the country.”

After the incident at Sandy Hook, many local parents here in Lower Moreland had requested that the bus schedules be removed from the school web site. Feeley said the school complied with that request.



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