The Black Market in Lower Moreland ... On Facebook

Two students in middle school are at the helm of a Facebook group where kids from the school district are buying and selling anything from iPods to pocket knives. And in some cases, the transactions are happening at school.

Has your kid come home from school with a different iPhone case or pair of sneakers? What about a pellet gun or a switchblade? Well it probably came from Facebook.

These items can be found regularly at Phre$h Stuff of Lower Moreland, the social media group created by two students. It's an exclusive online marketplace filled with kids of all ages from the Lower Moreland School District that are taking part in auction style and buy-it-now transactions. And some of these transactions are being conducted at the middle school by one of the group's creators.

Phre$h Stuff of Lower Moreland first started granting members access to the page on Tuesday. And within days there were hundreds of listings from its 117 members as of Thursday night. The big concern isn't the rapid growth of the group, but rather the items being listed and the informal style of business these teenagers are getting involved in.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The Phre$h Stuff of Lower Moreland page has since been made unavailable on Facebook. Teachers at the school are working with students to find out everyone who was involved. Check back with LM Patch for an update.]

Regardless of their age, these kids know what they're doing. There's a fresh-faced, 14-year-old offering a pellet gun with the comment, "she shoots like a charm," while two others are striking a deal on a pocket knife within minutes using the Facebook group. One person is selling a jailbroken iPhone 3 with 'breached internet' while another kid is trying to bargain a $20 Golden State Warriors hat down to $10. So is this a way for kids to make some extra cash for the summer, or an idea undoubtedly asking for trouble?

Asking for trouble would be something like leaving the group as a public page on Facebook. Now any random person who is viewing the page can see who the group members are and their profile picture, the items for sale, who wants what, comments on each listing etc. There was only one rule when the group first started: no spam. 

Sell shoes, electronic, electronic accessories, anything
you want and to anyone you want in the Lower Moreland area!
If there is any spamming of stupid things you will be automatically kicked from the group.

That was the entire description of Phre$h Stuff of Lower Moreland.

With such few limitations on the phrase, 'anything you want,' these teens wasted no time posting weapons like air soft guns and knives to Facebook where they waited for the highest offer. One student didn't provide a picture, but wrote the following:

swichblades knives tazers any kind any color inbox me for prices

One other person 'liked' that post.

Most of the group members don't even look old enough to possess a driver's license let alone sell off weapons to their peers. After a number of weapons popped up on the site over a period of time, the eighth-grade admins decided to make a 'NO WEAPON' rule. But that warning didn't stop one student who sold his paintball gun in 23 minutes shortly after the new "NO WEAPON' rule was listed on the site (some posts have been taken down by the admin).

The majority of the stuff for sale is anything you would find on eBay or at a normal yard sale. Photos of sneakers, headphones, jerseys and watches litter the Facebook page with asking prices.

The process is simple. Students take a picture of what they want to sell. Then they post it to Facebook and write 'make an offer' or actually list an asking price. Then they wait for someone to reply saying they want it. The buyer and seller will then set up a way to make the exchange. Transaction complete.

In order to post something, however, you must be a member of Phre$h Stuff of Lower Moreland. The two eighth graders are the only ones who can grant other students access to the group. Once they approve it, it's happy bidding, buyer beware. 

Inevitably there were a number of faux listings and comments from some group members.

- I need 120 dollars so Ask for something worth the amount I'll see if I got

- I'm selling my virginity. 7,000$ for a hug 10,000$ for a kiss. End of offer.

- Cat for sale
Sweater included
Message me for details

The possibilities are endless at Phre$h Stuff of Lower Moreland.

pat g May 20, 2012 at 12:07 AM
the kids are not to blame. the two ones who started it were really smart and should not get in trouble at all. i mean they made a no weapon rule and only 6-8 things were acctualy weapons then like 200 clothes,elctronics,hats,etc. then this weird dude creeps on these kids profiles to make a story saying that we sold stuff in school. first off nothing was sold in school, and even if there was how would this guy know??? its not the kids fault that acouple other kids ruined it whil the other ones were trying to make a honest buck. but no one freaks out that some RAPIST STALKS MIDDLE SCHOOLERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!! its an outrage and about 100% of all these comments that these people wrote are clearly jokes.
pat g May 20, 2012 at 12:13 AM
police got involved cause this idiot said we were selling stuff at school so they thought we were bringing knifes,and tasers to school, Rob Chalker is so stupid and makes propaganda just so he can make a hot story.
boobsack May 23, 2012 at 11:40 PM
this is not the kids faults just leave them alone .. they are all just kidding around dont u see.. y does your district have to but in to all the situations outside of school like fights and sales.. it is none of ur business of what they chose to do, there parents can take care of them themselves. just stop and mind your own business. thank you.
boobsack May 23, 2012 at 11:44 PM
these are obviously not stolen items because these are the kiids items that they have at home so stop complaining
boobsack May 23, 2012 at 11:46 PM
the school is just trying to make some money out of this story because they have nothing better to do in there lives then to just pick on the students and destroy their lives


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