Local Students Participate in Philadelphia Zoo Contest

Fifth graders at Pine Road Elementary conducted assemblies for other students on the importance of preventing global warming.

Pine Road Elementary School's 5th grade Academically Talented class held assemblies for K-2 students and 3-5 students on Monday, January 28. 

The assemblies were part of a campaign that they have created in response to the Philadelphia Zoo’s Unless Contest about the impact of global warming on polar bears and frogs. Their campaign is “8 Ways for Better Days,” 8 suggestions for what everyone can do to help lessen global warming.

The Academically Talented class designed their own T-shirt and logo (pictured to the right). They also created a Wikispace for the community to visit that can be found here.

From the Philadelphia Zoo:

UNLESS Contest Overview

Simple things can really make a difference, from turning off water while brushing your teeth, to unplugging phone chargers or recycling plastic bottles. If we all make the right choices every day it can really add up to help wildlife — from frogs to polar bears and even your backyard butterflies! If a million kids turned their computers off for two hours, that would be equivalent to taking 15,000 cars off the road for one day! The solutions are simple but it takes the power of many to make change!


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