Five Roxborough-Manayunk Schools Make AYP

Two schools did not.

Five Roxborough-Manayunk schools were determined to have made adequate yearly progress (AYP) during the 2010-11 year, according to the School District of Philadelphia.

In order to make AYP, schools must meet certain benchmarks in attendance, graduation rate, test participation and academic progress.

Graduation rate data is only used to judge high schools.

Students, however, must score above a certain level on Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests, which are given to students in grades 3 through 8 and to 11th graders. This year, in order for a school to make AYP, 67 percent of students there were required to score at proficient or higher in mathematics, while 72 percent of students were required to do so in reading.

There are a variety of other factors that go into whether a school makes AYP as well.

The Roxborough-Manayunk schools that did so are:


and aren't on the list.

The school district officially announced which schools made AYP at a news conference at Lincoln High School in Northeast Philadelphia Thursday afternoon.

Laurie August 18, 2011 at 07:38 PM
My son received an excellent education while attending Shawmont School. The staff and principal are excellent. He is a 2011 graduate from Shawmont. Making an "AYP" list or not. Shawmont is an excellent school.
Jess August 18, 2011 at 08:41 PM
My son will be attending 1st Grade at Shawmont. I was very pleased with him in Kindergarten at Shawmont. I like the school so far. I would never send him to Levering or Cook for a reason that I will not mention.
Carol Haslam August 20, 2011 at 02:54 AM
My kids are at Cook and we love it there, but Shawmont has an excellent reputation. Not only has Shawmont traditionally been well rated, they have (arguably) the best arts program in the area. I don't think any parents are going to be too upset about the AYP issue this year. I'm sure they'll come back up next year. BTW Roxborough HS has a new Principal who grew up in the neighborhood. His goal is to make Roxy HS a desirable school for our neighborhood. He may face a daunting task, but I am looking forward to seeing the positive changes as they come.
Jennifer September 08, 2011 at 08:38 PM
I am shocked! As someone who worked closely with the Philadelphia School District for over 15 years, I know first hand Shawmont Elementary has ALWAYS had an impecable reputation for decades. So to hear that Shawmont was NOT on the list and yet Roxbroguh High School was...is almost hard to believe. My son has gone to Shawmont for 6 years and I am BEYOND pleased! Ftom the principal to every teacher my son ever had, to many of the support and the administrative staff...this school offers OVER THE TOP support to my son. He receives a great education and the support they offer him is ambundant and consistant. I am incredibly active in the school and a visible parent in some fashion almost daily throughout most of the school year so I know first hand what this school is doing. Shawmont also has an outstanding arts/music program that is extraordinary. I know many chidlren who go on from Shawmont to the finest High Schools and Colleges prepared for far beyond students from other schools so I'm not sure the rating is as important as the short and long term outcomes. Maybe Ms Ackerman can share some her severance money to help with tutoring to Shawmont students to give back to the community!
kidsfirst September 19, 2011 at 10:36 PM
Not many have time to closely examine AYP stats. The goal was 100 % proficient or above (PSSA) by 2014. How Levering made AYP when they have been at less than 60% for several years makes an interesting lesson in how these stats are manipulated. For 3 years they didn't make AYP, then 2 years ago, when the number of Special Ed students dropped below the required number to count their scores, they magically made AYP. This is with no real School Improvement Plan (I read it , and there was a lot of bureauspeak, but no plan. The author of this "plan" sent the school policeman after me on the pretext she didn't want me "wandering the hallways", although I have had my clearances several times as a parent volunteer.) So it goes with AYP. Apparently less than 60% for several years counting qualifies when you factor in "satisfaction surveys". The PSSAs show negative progress in several grades, overall changing very little. You can find the stats at the School District website. I guess per the 24 surveys returned at Levering (student population about 200) there was enough satisfaction to qualify making AYP. Cook on the other hand has very strong PSSA scores, showing consistent improvement across all grades. Congratulations Cook. My kids were homeschooled, then reluctantly "parked" at Levering. I now donate all my boxtops to Cook (check your bonus @growinglocallearning.com): over 2000 plus a few hundred more on the way. Unlike Levering, Cook has a REAL and functioning Home and School.


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