U.S. House Race, District 13 - Schwartz versus Rooney

Incumbent Allyson Schwartz (D) is running against Abington pilot Joseph Rooney (R)

About Allyson Schwartz:
U.S. Representative Allyson Schwartz is running for her fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. She is known for her knowledge of health care within the House of Representatives, according to her website.

Schwartz is the Vice Chair of the New Democrat Coalition and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Recruitment Chair.

Learn more about Schwartz's biography here.

About Joe Rooney:
Joe Rooney is a retired Marine Fighter Pilot turned Delta Airlines Captain who lives in Abington Township.

Rooney has served on school boards, community proects, youth sports and has lead local scout groups.

Learn more about Rooney's biography here.

Allyson Schwartz on the Issues:
Schwartz believes that the primary issues facing the 13th Congressional District include health care, the economy, fiscal responsibility, sustainability, Israel and international issues.

Read more on Schwartz's stances on these issues here.

Joseph Rooney on the Issues:
Rooney believes that America must create jobs and cut taxes, sit spending, pay down the debt and provide greater tax relief, save social security, fix and keep medicare safe, support our veterans and national defense.

Read more on Rooney's stances on these issues here.

13th Congressional District History:
Over the past ten years, Republicans have caught hard to defeat Schwartz, and Joseph Hoeffel who served in the 13th District before her. The candidate who came closest two winning was Melissa Brown in 2002, with 47 percent of the vote.

In 2010, Dee Adcock challenged Schwartz and received 44 percent of the vote, which was the best Republican performance since Brown's 2002 run.

For Further Reading on Allyson Schwartz:
Schwartz's Website
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For Further Reading on Joe Rooney:
Rooney's Website
Rooney on Facebook
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Susan Yenchko November 06, 2012 at 03:43 AM
Who wrote this? Did anyone proof this prior to putting this on Patch? How many typos and errors can you find? Of course the most glaring is the misspelling of the word Israel, but I also suggest you learn the difference between the word TWO and TO,


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