Levittown Communities Win Millions in Casino Grants

The grants will be used to purchase police equipment, a fueling station, emergency radios, LED street lights and more.


The Bucks County Redevelopment Authority's Board of Directors awarded nearly $4 million worth of gaming grants to the Levittown-area communities that are directly impacted by Parx Casino.

The impact grants have awarded millions of dollars to Lower Bucks County towns. The authority said in a release that they asked townships surrounding Bensalem - where Parx is based -  and the county to submit grant request for their most pressing projects which need funding.

Bristol Borough was awarded $194,644 for the purchase of a wastewater jet truck. The trucks are often used to clear obstructions and blockages from pipes.

Bristol Township was granted $220,000 to upgrade emergency radio systems for the town's first responders. The township also received $597,431 to retrofit street lights to new, more efficient LED bulbs. The township was the largest municipal recipient of funds.

Falls Township, which runs the multi-agency Lower Bucks SWAT Team, received just over $55,000 for new uniforms, bullet-proof vests and other equipment. The team responds to calls around the area and is made up of officers from several local towns.

Langhorne Borough got $38,326 to purchase a new vehicle for its small police force.

The Lower Bucks County Public Safety Training Center on the campus of Bucks County Community College in Bristol Township was granted $800,000.

Middletown Township got just over $106,000 to replace 3 police vehicles in its fleet. A sum of $26,541 was also set aside for a new vehicle for the detective unit. The public works department received $77,981 for a township fueling station. Dump trucks and a sign machine are expected to be purchased with an additional $144,753 grant. The Fire Marshal's office will also get $51,000 for a new vehicle. Emergency radios will be acquired using a $212,000 gift.

The regional Towns Against Graffiti program was the recipient of a $74,350. The money is set to go toward graffiti and litter removal.

The Bucks County Children's Advocacy Center in Warrington and the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership Health Clinic in Bensalem both received funding.

Bensalem and Lower Southampton townships also received financial rewards for several of their proposals.

The Bristol-based redevelopment authority said that local governments submitted about 40 requests totaling over $8 million. The authority’s board and staff worked over the past few weeks to determine which of the proposals would funded with the $3,789,000.48.

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“It was a difficult decision, but we did our best to award grants to municipalities in accordance with the Pennsylvania Gaming Laws, the authority’s chairman, Patricia Bachtle, said.

The program started 6-years-ago after the casino facility opened at the Bensalem race track. Parx now boast over 3,500 slots, 140 table games and 60 poker tables.

In 2011, the casino and horse track took in over $21 million in revenue.

sjdavis November 19, 2012 at 01:35 PM
How about instead of new radios which can be purchased using Federal funding for homeland security. And the rediculous LED lighing. How about a park system for All people to enjoy. Skating, hockey / tennis area, bike and walking paths,skateboarding Etc... Bristol township misuses funds all the time and they never think about the people of Bristol township who actually pay the taxes and play at the casino. Why is it that we always get the short end of the stick. Bristol township needs to wake up. Also what ever happened to the 413 beautification project Sam Fenton started and never finished. Why is there still almost 200 street lights illuminating that stretch of roadway. How about getting rid of all the extra ones and save some money.
Joe November 19, 2012 at 08:29 PM
How is LED lighting Rediculous? It costs money every single night that the township has to pay for. It is just like if you keep buying incandescent bulbs since they are $0.40 each when CFL bulbs are $2.00 but last much longer and use less electricity. Kudos to the township for investing in something that will provide a return. Regarding Middletown Twp's purchases... a refueling station? and more trucks? Why can't the towns work together to save money? Why do we need 15 police departments in lower bucks?
Tom Sofield November 19, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Joe, you bring up an interesting point on regionalizing police agencies. Several departments in the Doylestown area have been met with serious opposition when they discussed this a few years ago. However, in other parts the state and nation regional police departments are status quo. We'll have a story tomorrow concerning how schools districts are considering regional districts. Do any other readers think regional police departments, public works and parks departments are a good idea?
Joe November 19, 2012 at 10:16 PM
You know who opposes it? Those 15 police chiefs.
Bob February 16, 2013 at 07:51 PM
Without casinos in PA things would be really bad in Bucks County. Mercury and sodium vapor streetlights would be in use. Taxes would be sky high, and there would be less police.


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