Allyson Schwartz Honored for Role in Health Care Policy

Last week Schwartz received the Claude Pepper Award for her leadership in health care policy on behalf of seniors.

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz received the Claude Pepper Award from the Alliance for Aging Research at their 19th Annual Bipartisan Congressional Awards Gala. The Claude Pepper Award is presented to a Democratic congressional leader for their leadership in health care policy on behalf of seniors. The Alliance for Aging Research is a national citizen advocacy organization working to improve the lives of Americans as they grow older by advancing biomedical and behavioral research in aging and health.

“Rep. Schwartz is one of the prime movers in Congress for bipartisan solutions for better healthcare for older Americans.  She provided our audience with a powerful vision of what we might learn from scientific research and deliver to advance healthier aging for the American people,” said Dan Perry, President and CEO of the Alliance for Aging Research.

Excerpt from Rep. Schwartz’s acceptance speech:

“Moving America forward means never going backward on America's great promise of health care for our seniors.

“I hope that together, we will fight for policies to ensure the health and economic security of our nation’s seniors – now and into the future.

“I commend the Alliance for Aging Research for their leadership on important health care issues and their willingness to take on tough challenges.”

Schwartz has been a champion for seniors in America and has dedicated much of her professional career to improving our health care system for all Americans. As a senior member of the House Budget Committee, she has fought back against efforts to end guaranteed benefits for our seniors, and instead has worked to strengthen and protect Medicare and Social Security for current and future seniors. 

Through the Affordable Care Act, Schwartz successfully worked to expand benefits, increase access to primary care providers, reduce prescription drug costs, and provide free preventive care services to seniors. 

One of her signature pieces of legislation is a bipartisan plan to protect seniors’ access to their doctors by repealing and replacing the flawed Medicare physician payment system that has caused uncertainty and instability for patients, providers, and the federal budget for a decade.

The Pennsylvania Congresswoman has also been a vocal advocate for the National Institutes of Health, which plays a significant role in promoting and advancing better health for all Americans. Schwartz is committed to harnessing the power of America’s world class scientific community, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative spirit in order to promote our nation’s health.

Roman Gabriel September 20, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Are you kidding me ? Bipartisan ? An award for this P-O-S Obama rubber stamp ? Ms Schwartz is the most partisan member of congress. Career Phila. politician Allyson Schwartz is one of the reasons this country is 17 Trillion dollars in debt. Obama care is going to be devestating to our seniors. She should be spit on instead of recieving an award.
Brian D. Bigelow September 20, 2012 at 06:55 PM
This only award this woman should recieve is the "ABORTION" award. She is personally responsible for tens of thousands deaths to unborn children. Abortion was her carrer before politics. All the hand sanitizer in the world couldnt clean the blood off her hands.
B. Strong September 21, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Well now I know who she DOES stand up for, cause I know very well that she has no care AT ALL for the very young people of our nation as she continues to be a HUGE proponent of abortion. Allyson is anti-life when it comes to innocent babies and I think that's disgusting!!! What a disgrace for a "healthcare" honoree.
Brian D. Bigelow September 21, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Are you kidding me ? An award for Allyson Schwartz for the advancement of health care ? I'm going to throw up. Do they have awards for how much money we can borrow from China to pay for her " significant role in promoting and advancing better health" . We are 17 trillion in debt ! WAKE UP AMERICA


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