Woman Found Drunk on Sidewalk; Harassment Reported in Lower Moreland

The following information was supplied by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

Dec. 31 – Public Drunkenness

  • Area of Huntingdon Pike & Welsh Road

Police responded to the area of Huntingdon Pike and Welsh Road for the report of an intoxicated woman walking along Huntingdon Pike. An officer located the female, Sherri Mancini, 53 , of Philadelphia, who was sitting on the curb near the railroad overpass bridge. According to the report, her legs were partially in the roadway. Mancini claimed she only had one alcoholic beverage and was attempting to walk home. She also stated she was riding in a car, but exited the vehicle a while ago because the operator was intoxicated. Mancini registered a reading of 0.18% BAC. She received a warning for public drunkenness.

Dec. 30 – Harassment

  • 3700 block of Sipler Lane

A Huntingdon Valley resident called LMPD regarding a delayed assault report. The woman voluntarily admitted herself to Abington Hospital after she was seen to be “extremely intoxicated” by her brother, according to the report.

When police arrived at the hospital, she told them her boyfriend, Thomas Endlich, 50, of Eagleville, had slapped her in the face while sitting in the car in front of her house. She also said he hit her in the back of the head numerous times while she was en route to the hospital. She said she had multiple lumps on the back of her head, consistent with what the nurse found upon arrival. 

Police contacted Endlich, who stated the incidents did not happen, and sometimes she abuses him when she’s intoxicated. Endlich was issued a citation for harassment. Police contacted the woman’s father, who said she is not going to be living at the home anymore and she should not return to Sipler Lane.

Capt. Obvious January 11, 2013 at 06:52 AM
why is it always the guy who gets in trouble. SHE'S so drunk off her ass she needs a hospital... that would tell anyone with even the slightest experience with mad drunk females that she's at least half to blame. Cops need to stop taking sides, and cite em both or leave em both alone when they get cases like this. her bumps and bruises could have come from falling down (she's hospital needing drunk, right?) but now this guy has to go waste time and money in court, where a guy is guilty until proven innocent, and even then I've still seen em convicted, just in case.
Ken Cares January 29, 2013 at 04:26 PM
hey captain ignorant...why don't you blame it on the clinic? An awful lot of drunks running around town here and you have nothing to say about that but one incident at Discovery House and "they need to go". Wake up and smell the coffee dude...your towns people aren't any different than the clients at DH other than the clients are getting help!! What about your drunks?
Capt. Obvious January 30, 2013 at 01:14 PM
hey Ken, why don't you get off the pity pot for idiots who abuse their bodies to the point where they can't control themselves any longer, and stop stalking me page to page?


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