Suspicious Persons Reported in Lower Moreland

The following was reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department

A Huntingdon Valley resident living on the 3600 block of Edencroft Rd. contacted LMPD to report suspicious activity at her home. She told police that two men, who called themselves Anthony and Sonny, knocked on her front door and asked about a 2003 Hyundai Sonata that is parked on the resident’s lawn at the entrance of her driveway. The two men were driving a white Ford box-shaped sedan and parked it in front of her house.

As the resident was talking to Anthony, she noticed the white Ford pull into her driveway with Sonny standing there. She told the men that the Hyundai in her driveway didn’t work, but told Anthony that he could try and start it. Sonny was seen walking back and forth in the driveway looking around towards her house.

Anthony then told the resident that he was looking to purchase the car for a pastor, which was Sonny’s father. Anthony began to ask the resident questions like where she attends church, what her phone number was and when her husband comes home from work. She didn’t answer any of the questions and Anthony gave her his contact number.

The resident believes this activity is suspicious because of the questions that were asked to her. She told police they asked what time her husband would be home approximately three times. There is also no “For Sale” sign on the Hyundai in her driveway that would make the males assume the car was for sale.

Anthony: white, early 30’s, around 5’5”, average build, dark hair, dark eyes, clean cut

Sonny: white, early 30’s, around 6’3”, average build, brown hair, blue eyes.


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