Resident Reports Second Encounter with Unleashed Dog

The following was reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

A Lower Moreland resident called LMPD on Nov. 30 after he was bit in the leg by a dog while walking his own dog along Greenawalt Road. While walking his own dog, the resident saw a larger dog running toward him. He grabbed his own dog, but the larger dog bit through the resident’s jeans resulting in a puncture wound to his right calf.

The owner immediately controlled the dog and brought it back to their house. The man who was bit did not seek medical attention, but he did report another similar incident involving the same dog a few months ago. There was no bite during that previous incident.

The dog that bit him was an American bulldog, Visla, Bearded Collie, Farrow House mix. The owner provided the dogs’ current vaccination certificate to police and no further action was taken.


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