Police Log: Theft from Funeral Home, CVS, Manor Care and Numerous DUI's

The folllowing incidents were reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

April 30 – DUI

  • Area of Welsh Road & Elbow Lane

Matthew Higgins, 26, of Bensalem, has a DUI charge pending after registering a .237% BAC. Higgins was seen in his silver Ford Escape traveling at a high rate of speed (50 mph in a 35) down Welsh Road. Police immediately detected the smell of alcohol on his breath once it made the stop.

Higgins admitted to having a few beers earlier in the night.

April 29 – DUI

  • Area of Huntingdon Pike and Gannt Road

Randy Cusuman, 52, of Langhorne, has a DUI charge pending after officers observed him weaving in the lane and nearly crashing into the median. According to the report, Cusuman failed field sobriety tests, and did not blow into the PBT device correctly to render a reading. He was taken into custody for the suspicion of driving under the influence.

April 28 – DUI

  • Area of Huntingdon Pike & Barnswallow Lane

Philip DiFrancesco, 27, of Philadelphia, has a DUI charge pending after he registered a .159% BAC early Sunday morning. DiFrancesco was seen swerving between two cars as he attempted to go straight from the right-hand turning lane at Huntingdon Pike and Byberry Road.

April 28 – DUI

  • Area of Huntingdon Pike & Moreland Road

Fabian Henault, 43, of Yardley, was placed under arrest after registering a .107% BAC early Sunday morning. Police observed Henault blow through a red light near Huntingdon Pike in his black Chevrolet Camaro. According to the report, Henault had the odor of alcohol on his breath, his eyes were glassy and red, and his speech was slurred. He admitted to drinking a glass of wine prior.

April 27 – Theft

  • Stiles Funeral Home – 2450 Huntingdon Pike

John Stiles, Jr., 55, of Huntingdon Valley, reported that someone entered his car while it was at the Stiles Funeral Home between 4 p.m. on April 26 and 4 p.m. on April 27. Stiles found his car ransacked and discovered that $2 in change was taken from his unlocked car.

April 27 – Theft

  • Manor Health Care Services – 3430 Huntingdon Pike

Tory Smith, 24, of Bensalem, reported that numerous items were stolen from her car in the Manor Car parking lot. Smith came out of the building and discovered her inflatable mattress lying on the ground next to her passenger seat. The mattress was originally left in the back part of her van.

The other items that were reported stolen include: Blue Jean Purse ($20), $145.00 of currency, Kohl’s Credit Card, Sears Credit Card, Social Security Card, Nursling License Card. 

April 25 – Theft

  • CVS Pharmacy – 670 Welsh Rd.

The manager of CVS called LMPD to report that a black male had entered the store and stole an item without paying for it. The manager watched the male place a tube of Bacitracin first-aid ointment in his right front pocket of his hoodie sweatshirt. The male then purchased two bottles of Arizona brand iced tea.

Once the male left the store on his bike, the manager walked outside to confront him. The male dropped the bike and began to run in front of other stores in the complex. While he was running the male ran into a railing in front of another store, and the tube of Bacitracin fell out of his pocket. The subject then ran off to another location.

The male is described as in his 30’s, approximately 5’10’’, tall with a medium build. He had a beard and was wearing a red hoodie, blue jeans and a blue/white baseball cap. 


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