Police Log: Teenage Girl Found with Heroin Paraphernalia; Man with Syringes; Burglary

The following incidents were reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

May 7 – Suspicious Persons

  • 1200 block of Fritz Circle

An LMPD officer observed a small, black and red Honda Civic swerve several times on Washington Lane near Terwood Road. It crossed the double yellow lines in the roadway, and the police decided to follow it. After losing sight of the car, the police later found it to be parked at the end of a driveway on Fritz Circle. A neighbor said she did not recognize the car, and the residents were most likely at work at the time.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the car had driven through the rear yard of a home and was able to drive through the adjacent property to exit on Deerpath Rd.

May 4 – DUI

  • Area of Byberry Rd. & Huntingdon Pike

Police observed a 19-year-old female drive off the roadway and strike cement stairs leading from Byberry Rd. to a property on the 1600 block of Byberry Rd. She then regained control of the car and continued driving.

The driver, Rose Mckenna, of Horsham, was asked to perform field sobriety tests once police pulled her over. She did not satisfactorily complete the tests  and police stated she was under the influence of a controlled substance.

While an officer was moving her car to a nearby parking lot, he observed a small, blue wax bag in plain view in the center console. Consistent with the packaging of heroin, Mckenna signed a Consent to Search Form. The cops found the following:

  • In her purse: 4 small blue wax baggies, 7 small clear baggies, 1 Q-tip, 2 small white wax baggies, 1 razor blade.
  • In her wallet: 4 small blue wax baggies, 6 small clear baggies,
  • Second large body of purse: 6 small blue wax baggies, 8 small clear baggies,
  • In a zippered portion: 11 small wax blue baggies, 2 small clear white baggies, 1 clear cap for syringe.
  • In a second zippered portion: 1 single-use syringe, 6 small blue wax baggies

The next day police contacted the owner of the car, her mother, and she provided verbal consent to search for controlled substances. Police found:

  • 1 small blue wax baggie in center console
  • 1 small blue wax baggie on the front seat
  • 1 plastic bottle cap with residue in glove compartment
  • 1 single-use syringe in glove compartment
  • 2 small clear bags in back seat
  • 1 orange syringe cap in back seat

Charges for DUI and drug paraphernalia are pending lab results.

May 4 –

  • 900 block of Sheffield Lane

A 16-year-old female driver lost control of her black Acura MDX as she was pulling in the driveway of her parent’s house. According the report, the driver inadvertently pressed the accelerator too hard. There were minor injuries to her mother, who was in the passenger seat, who suffered a burn from the air bag deployment. Neither person required a medical transport. The car sustained moderate damage to the front grill, bumper, hood and windshield. There was a large crack made in the upper master bedroom wall associated with the support beam displacement.

May 4 – Narcotics Possession

  • Ridgway Park – 160 Manor Road

Police found two people sitting in a parked car at Ridgway Park after dark when the park was closed. According to the report, the driver, Michael Macrine, 31, of Philadelphia, and the passenger, Jennifer Culler, 39, of Philadelphia, appeared very nervous when the cop approached the car.

Macrine’s eyes were bloodshot and police say they detected the strong smell of pot coming from the car. Macrine replied, “I may have a weed roach in my console.” But that wasn’t all that the cops found. Inside the unlocked glove compartment was a white CVS bag containing eight syringes with orange caps (commonly used for intravenous drug use). One of the syringes did not have the orange cap on it and the syringe appeared to have dried blood inside it. Also found in the bag was three empty wax packets, commonly used for packing heroin. One was a solid light blue color and the other was blue with “SICK CALL” printed on it.

Macrine was placed under arrest but claimed he is not a heroin user and blamed the items on a friend who uses his car. He did admit to smoking pot two hours prior to being stopped. Nothing illegal was found on the passenger.

May 3 – DUI

  • Area of Heaton Rd. & Rhoades Drive

John Heljenek, 36, of Philadelphia, has a DUI charge pending after he registered a .124% BAC just before midnight on May 3. Police watched him accelerate and then slow down for no apparent reason on Huntingdon Pike. The driver also crossed the double yellow lines multiple times while cops were following him.

May 3 – Burglary – Forced Entry

  • 3400 block of Hillside Drive

Kathy Gimble, 56, of Huntingdon Valley, called LMPD after she arrived home and discovered that her master bedroom was ransacked. Gimble stated that numerous pieces of jewelry were taken from drawers and boxes. All of the pieces were yellow gold and she did not have a value for the pieces at the time.

It appeared that the subject(s) entered the house through the rear door. The door of a screened-in porch was open and was secured with a hook and eye latch and the eye section was pulled out of the frame of the door.

Police were able to lift two partial latent prints from the inside of the lower pane of glass on the kitchen door. All information was given to detectives. 

May 3 – Burglary – Forced Entry

  • 3500 block of Sipler Lane

Cheryl Gioia, 39, of Huntingdon Valley, reported that when she arrived home she found the window at the back of her house was open. She said she received a call from her alarm company telling her that her alarm had been activated.

Police noticed pry marks on the window and the dirt on the ledge of the window had been recently disturbed. There were also visible shoe prints on patio furniture outside the house. A window screen was found to be resting along the house below the window, and it is believed this was the point of entry. Police found more pry marks on other windows of the house as well.

It is believed that the actors entered the house, but left once the alarm sensor went off. According to the homeowner, nothing was missing.


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