Police Log: Methadone Patient in Accident, Vandalism in Cemetery, More

The following incidents were reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

March 19 – Vandalism

  • Beth Shalom Cemetery – 25 Byberry Rd.

The general manager of Beth Shalom Cemetery said that workers discovered that four gravestones had been pushed over on their sides. The stones were last known to be in tact on Sat. March 17. Three of the stones are located in the Elijah section (Platt, Irving Hartman, Esther Poncz). The other stone is in the Moses section (Hal Fine).

There are no tire tracks or evidence on the lawn to tell who did it.

March 20 – Weapons Possession

  • Area near Pine & Tomlinson roads

Police responded to a two-car accident near the Valley Sunoco (2883 Pine Rd.) involving Michael DeMarshall, 42, of Huntingdon Valley and Robert Nemeth, 34, of Feasterville. No injuries were reported and both cars had minor damage in a rear-end collision.

When police arrived on scene, an officer noticed Nemeth’s eyes to be glassy and bloodshot. His pupils were ‘extremely’ constricted and he was acting unusually hyper. When asked where he was coming from, he originally said his girlfriend’s house, but as police further questioned him, Nemeth admitted he was coming from the Discovery House and just received a dose of methadone prior to driving.

A search of his car revealed numerous items. Inside a black backpack were:

  • Single pipe screen with charred residue and a green M&M mini’s bottle smelling of fresh marijuana
  • Black balaclava
  • Black handled knife with a curved blade and black plastic sheath
  • Black stocking cut to fit the approximate size of a human head
  • Prescription bottle with 39 different pills
  • Black plastic hand-held device known as a “stinger” (used as a ‘force multiplier)

Behind the driver’s seat police found the following, which Nemeth referred to as his “go kit”:

  • Black knit cap
  • Pair of black gloves
  • Black stocking cut to fit the approximate size of a human head
  • An expandable straight baton in a holster
  • An alcohol pad with gauze

Police also found a hand-held “stun gun” in a camouflage pouch. Nemeth was previously convicted of a robbery and his license has been suspended since January. His previous felony charge prohibits Nemeth from possessing any electric incapacitating device like the stun gun. DUI, drug paraphernalia and weapons charges are being filed pending lab results.

March 18 – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles

  • 500 block of Station Rd.

Andrew Larmour, 52, of Huntingdon Valley, called police to report the windshield on his 2002 Saturn was damaged while it was parked at the end of Station Rd. Larmour’s daughter reported that she parked the car there on March 17 and discovered the damage the next day. It appeared that the windshield was struck in two locations with an object similar to a 3/16’’ flat head screwdriver. The windshield was struck once near the pivot end of the driver’s side wiper blade and once closer to the center of the windshield.

March 15 – Theft

  • 2100 block of Williamsburg Rd.

Joe Reynolds, 73, of Huntingdon Valley, reported that his golf clubs were stolen from his car. Reynolds told police that he put his golf clubs in the trunk, and then the following morning noticed they weren’t in his car. Reynolds said he traveled through Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties that day, but his car was locked at all times and there were no signs of forced entry. The following items were reported missing: 2 Calloway Hybrid, 2 Oddesey Putters, 8 Calloway Irons, Pitching Wedge, Volky Wedgy, Size 11 “Footjay” shoes.

March 14 – Criminal Mischief

  • 2100 block of St. Albert’s Circle

Jennifer Morozin, 40, of Huntingdon Valley, told LMPD the lock on her PVC fence gate was ripped off, cracking the area around the gatepost. Police were already at the scene when the resident reported the two-week old crime. 

Morozin heard a loud banging sound on the gate the night before, but when she looked outside she didn’t see anyone. The following morning she saw the damage was done. She also found hundreds of cut pages from an auto shop type magazine strewn all over her front yard. Morozin told police she felt as if Fioravanti was responsible for it since he went to two separate houses in her neighborhood on two consecutive days, but cannot prove it. Police are following up and no other suspects are known at this time. Estimated damage to the gate is $200.

Better Bristol Twp March 23, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Nice work to the Police... These meth places are crazy.. They are messing up whole towns... Thank god for the police.. I thing the meth place should pay for the accident..
Mark Goldstein April 10, 2012 at 08:44 PM
The clinic has been nothing but a problem since it opened. There was an incident the first week. Hope they are keeping count!
Nicole Barba May 15, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Just a thought, (in reference to above comment) when a person is involved in a DUI should the closet bar pay for the accident? This guy who was arrested was on ILLEGAL DRUGS obviously, the methadone clinic was not the reason this accident occurred. It amazes me how many saints are walking among us!
Dave Heckler December 24, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Hey nicole...How do you know he didn't come from "Treatment"?? Do you know him? If you do that just explains everything. It amazes me how many Heroin-Heads are walking among us! Go-To Kit? You know this dude robs people and gets stoned all day long. No Job and a looser!!
Ken Cares January 29, 2013 at 01:46 PM
Hey Dave..when he was in the third grade and his teacher asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up do you think he answered " I want to be a drug addict" just like you answered " I want to be an ignorant perfect person who has never done anything wrong in my life"? Seriously people how many incidents have there been? Way less than the number of incidents coming from your bars, your personal home parties, your own children out there driving under the influence of liquor their parents supply them with or the drugs they sell at the WAWA? Remember the drug bust down there...before Discovery House came? Amazing how quickly you forget what is in your own back yard and involves you and your picture perfect families. I went to the town hearings and could identify at least a half dozen attendees that had drank liquor prior to the meetings but that's okay...they're the rich ones and liquor is legal. But is driving after drinking? You all need to wake up and accept people need help and that is what Discovery House is doing here...helping your neighbors!!!


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