Police Log: Hitchhiker Caught, Burglary, and More

The following was reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

Oct. 6 – Traffic Related Incident

  • Area of Pine Road and Valley Road

A police officer observed a male attempted to hitchhike a ride home from a car traveling on Welsh Road. The man identified himself as Keith Zabielski, of Warminster. Keith told the officer that he gave a friend a ride home to Philadelphia, and his car broke down on his way home. He parked his car on Kent Road off of Welsh Road, but didn’t have a driver’s license to present to the cop. Zabielski admitted he was drinking earlier in the night.

He requested that his car be left on Kent Road unlocked because the locking mechanism didn’t work. He will be cited for Pedestrians Soliciting Rides or Business.

Oct. 6 – Burglary

  • 900 block of Rye Valley Drive

A resident called LMPD to report that sometime over the last three days an unknown person tried to pry open his front door. He discovered a small dent on the front door lock housing and a flat head screwdriver mark across from it at the same location. Nothing was found disturbed and no entry was gained.

Oct. 6 – Disorderly Conduct

  • 2700 block of Honeysuckle Lane

Police responded to the 2700 block of Honeysuckle Lane for a report of a reckless driver who threw an object from their car at a resident on the street. The complainant reported that he and his friend were outside unpacking their car when they heard two cars revving their engines in the intersection of Honeysuckle and Morning Glory Lane. The cars were described as a black Honda hatchback and a dark blue Ford Truck. The two cars passed the residents, only to circle around the neighborhood and return to the intersection.

When the cars returned, multiple white males began yelling and cursing at the residents and continued to rev their engines. The cars then sped past the residents a second time, this time throwing a glass alcohol bottle in a brown paper bag in their direction. The resident was not hit by the bottle.


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