Police Log: German Shepherd Attack, Discovery House Incident, Assault at TD Bank

The following incidents were reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

February 12 – Disorderly Conduct

  • 2755 Philmont Ave., Discovery House

Greg Biegel, 26, is an employee at the Discovery House (2755 Philmont Ave) as a security guard. He stated an old patient, Chris Barna, 33, of Philadelphia, came to the clinic with his wife. They arrived after the clinic was closed and Barna became enraged that his wife was not going to get her treatment. Chris Barna was suspended from the Discovery House one month ago, however, his wife still receives treatment.

Barna began to curse at him and two other employees. Barna refused to leave the property so Biegel called the police. Barna eventually stormed off the property in his car.

February 7 – Dog Law & Bites

  • 2500 block of Valley View Rd.

Diana Varich, 29, of Huntingdon Valley, sustained a dog bite to her arm after a large German Sheppard mix attacked her while she was walking her own dogs through the neighborhood. Varich was walking her two small dogs when the larger dog charged at her from inside the house.

One of Varich’s dogs, Gizmo, was so frightened it jumped out of Varich’s arms. The German Sheppard mauled Gizmo who sustained fatal injuries from a dog bite, which broke its back. While trying to protect Gizmo, Varich was bitten on her right hand and index finger.

The homeowner of the dogs, Anna Lukscheider, 60, of Huntingdon Valley, said Varich’s dog was loose on her property before the attack occurred. Based on the victim’s account and evidence of blood on the street, it was determined Varich and her dogs were not on Lukscheider’s property when the unprovoked attack occurred. Lukscheider did not believe that Varich sustained an injury from her dog. LMPD's issued an Owner’s Responsibility Form of the Montco Animal Bite Form to Lukscheider's her daughter-in-law. She is in violation of Pennsylvania Dog Law, Act 225 Article III, section 305-2.

February 6 – Public Drunkenness

  • 2500 block of Huntingdon Pike

Joseph Lupan, 59, was cited for public drunkenness after it was reported that he was sitting on Huntingdon Pike in danger of being struck by another car. Police found Lupan in a driveway along Huntingdon Pike. He was unsteady on his feet, his speech was slurred and he nearly fell when police were speaking with him. Lupan complained that he was sick and requested to be taken to the hospital. When Bryn Athyn EMS arrived, it was discovered that Lupan has had multiple contacts with Jenkintown and Abington for public intoxication.

February 6 – Motor Vehicle Thefts

  • 140 block of Tomlinson Rd.

A black 1999 Honda Accord coupe was believed to be stolen from the Quality Care Automotive parking lot sometime on Feb. 4. The car was left to have service done on it to replace the clutch and brakes.

Surveillance video shows two white males walk onto the property from an adjacent east side lot and appear to be looking in the direction of the car. The males appear to be white or Hispanic, approximately 5’-8’’-5’-10’’, one wearing jeans and a dark shirt, jacket vest, baseball hat with collar length dark hair. Second male was wearing jeans, short-sleeved shirt with dark hair a full beard/mustache.

February 4 – DUI

  • Area of Frederick Rd. & Valley Rd.

Sergey Terismonyan, 56, of Philadelphia, was arrested for DUI after officers stopped him for making a left-hand turn from the west bound lane on Welsh Rd. Upon stopping him, police detected a strong odor of alcohol. They attempted to register a PBT test, but Terismonyan would inhale, and then hold his breath so the numbers could not register. Officers gave him multiple opportunities to complete the test the right way, but he did not comply.

February 4 – DUI

  • Area of Huntingdon Pike & Meadowbrook Drive

Russell Davies, 22, was arrested for DUI. Police observed his red Dodge Durango cross the double yellow lines multiple times before initiating a traffic stop. Davies eyes were glassy and red and his speech was slow and slurred. Davies said he was at “Benny the Bums” and registered an above the legal limit PBT test.  

February 2 – Assault

  • 2550 Philmont Ave – TD Bank

There was a report that a male was beating a female inside a car in the TD Bank parking lot. A witness said it was a Hispanic male beating a Hispanic female inside a silver, 4-door Toyota Camry. He stated one door was open and the male was punching and hitting her. Another witness said he saw the male hitting the female in the face and head before the female eventually drove off the lot by herself. Police were unable to identify the victim and actor.

February 1 – DUI

  • 3500 block of Philmont Ave.

William Lennox, 21, of Huntingdon Valley, was arrested for DUI at 1:43 a.m. Police pulled Lennox over for swerving between the fog line and double yellow lines along Byberry Rd. In plain view there was a open 12-pack of Coors Light behind the passenger seat. Lennox’s eyes were extremely bloodshot, he had slurred speech and appeared lethargic. He did not pass field sobriety tests to satisfaction.

Joe February 16, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Discovery House, great addition to our redevelopment!
Joe February 16, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Discovery House - great addition to our redevelopment!
Rich February 17, 2012 at 06:16 AM
Let's not compound one mistake with another. A development of 284 one and two bedroom apts would be the beginning of the end Lower Moreland's unique and special status as a highly sought after Phila. suburb Rich
Transparent March 01, 2012 at 05:09 PM
That Sheppard \ Mastiff \ Sasquatch mix of a HUGE dog previously attacked and drew blood on a dalmatian. Now it killed a small dog walking around the block on Valley view. I live here, and I just heard there is nothing the SPCA will do about this animal. "You have to take the owner to court" and go thru a legal battle, no thanks. If you know the house, they retaliate if you do anything to them. This dog has charged a few neighbors on multiple occasions, barks just about all day tied up out back of this house. They also have no fence, nice.
Transparent March 01, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Rich, no to mention the impact on the local schools and lack of tax money, increased volume (class sizes already large). Correct me if im wrong, but you wont pay school tax living in an apt? who carries this tax load than?


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