Police Log: Drunken Man Gets Tossed Off SEPTA, DUI, Criminal Mischief

The following incidents were reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

May 14 – Public Drunkenness

  • Bethayres Train Station – 2101 Huntingdon Pike

Sean Fisher, 38, of Morton, was issued a citation for Public Drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct after being thrown off a SEPTA train for being too drunk.

A conductor contacted LMPD to report they had an intoxicated passenger, who became belligerent and confrontational when asked to produce a ticket or other means of payment for the fair. The cops approached the male, who was on his cell phone, and he said to the person on the other end of the line, “well this isn’t going to be good the cops are coming to talk to me.”

The man claimed he had a ticket and was not causing any problems. According to the report the police immediately detected the smell of alcohol and Fisher’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Cops patted him down for safety reasons and Fisher quickly became agitated and angry. He was not able to produce any form of payment for the train.

Fisher admitted that he was downtown at a hearing earlier in the day, and he decided to drink after he was done. He said he probably had too much to drink and got lost and thought he was on the wrong train. During the encounter LMPD said Fisher would go from compliant to angry and belligerent at different times. He used profanity in front of various people on the train and platform. He was taken into custody and eventually released to his girlfriend.

May 13 – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles

  • Philmont Country Club – 301 Tomlinson Road

Employees of the Philmont Country Club contacted LMPD after they discovered damage to their cars and a threat of a physical assault.

Earlier in the day, Michael Caputo, 19, of Langhorne, was fired from the Country Club, and in response he damaged two other employee’s cars and threatened to hit another one. Caputo also sent text messages to another employee’s cell phone.

Caputo was fired and according to the report, he was asked to leave the premises. Caputo then said, “you better get away from me before I hit you.” Caputo’s girlfriend works at Philmont Country Club and he said he needed to get his cell phone from her before he left. After receiving the cell phone, it is believed that Caputo damaged the parked cars, but no one saw him do so.

Caputo sent more obscene text messages to his former co-workers. When police questioned him about it, he said he was blowing off steam because he was fired. He admitted to telling another employee that he would hit her in the face.

At this time there is not enough evidence against Caputo to charge him with damage to the vehicles. He is no longer welcomed at the Philmont Country Club.

May 11 – DUI

  • Area of Byberry Rd. near Glen Way

Alexis Javardian, 21, of Huntingdon Valley, has a DUI charge pending after police pulled her over for blowing through a stop sign and failing to yield the right of way to the car in front of her (the cop car).

Police smelled alcohol when they questioned her, and the report says Javardian’s eyes were bloodshot, glassy and her pupils were dilated. She blew in during the breath test and there was not an accurate reading. The police say she failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for being under the influence.

Jared Cobert May 17, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Tim Lennon June 26, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Any decent Lawyer should get Alexis Javardian off her charges...no evidence! The breathalyzer failed to register...sorry but I don't think a field test is enough to convict. Some folks ar too uncoordinated to pass those at any time!


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