Nearly $30,000 of Equipment Stolen in Lower Moreland

The following was reported by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

Over the last four months, there have been a rash of thefts relating to landscaping equipment reported to the Lower Moreland Police Department. Most of the thefts are similar in nature, with items being taken out of trucks and trailers while the landscapers are doing work.

This week there were three more reports like this, one of which had close to $30,000 worth of equipment stolen.

August 22 – Theft

  • 3600 block of Heaton Road

A landscaper called LMPD to report a leaf blower was stolen from his truck while he and his son were doing yard work. He and his son were in the rear yards of two different properties. When they came back about four minutes later, the leaf blower was gone. When the theft was discovered the tailgate of the truck was open and small containers of oil had been knocked over.

The victim said he believes he thief was the occupant of a white pickup truck that he saw in the area at the time of the theft.

August 17 – Theft

  • Flower Station, 3500 Philmont Ave.

The owner of Flower Station called LMPD to report that a white landscaping trailer that was attached to a car was stolen overnight. The trailer was full of landscaping equipment that included:

  • 1 “Little Wonder” blower ($1,299)
  • 1 “Echo” backpack blower ($600)
  • 1 Redmay weed wacker ($450)
  • 2 “Echo” weed wackers ($500 each)
  • 2, 5-gallon gas tanks ($20 each)
  • 1 “Exmark” laser 60’’ riding mower ($9,499)
  • 1 “Exmark” 36’’ walk behind mower ($3,599)
  • 1 “Exmark” 48’’ walk behind mower ($5,499)
  • 1 Kristi enclosed trailer, whie ($5,500)

The total value of the stolen items is $27,786.

The trailer was last seen in the parking lot on Aug. 16 at 6:30 p.m. The area where the trailer was attached had gouge marks consistent with that of the front of a trailer being dragged sideways and attached onto another vehicle.

August 17 – Theft

  • Area of Clearview Ave near Pondview

On August 17 there was another report of landscaping equipment being stolen. A landscaper called LMPD to report his box type trailer, which had been parked at the corner of Clearview and Pondview, had two Redmax leaf blowers ($1,200 each) removed from it.

He stated that while mowing lawns in the area, he was approached by two “Russian” males who asked for a “one-time” mow of an unknown address. He told the males he would not do it. The males, both described as average height and weight with dark hair, one about 40-years-old and the other 20-years-old, left the area in a dark-colored coupe shortly after. The landscaper told police he felt the males were trying to distract him so an accomplice could steal the blowers from his trailer.

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tim chong August 26, 2012 at 08:37 AM
I thought after all these robberies people were smart to chain their items or lock them... Guess not.


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