More Reports of Theft in Lower Moreland: Stolen Coconut Water

The following information was supplied by the Lower Moreland Police Department.

Jan. 2 – Theft

  • 1600 block of Copper Beach Circle

A Huntingdon Valley resident called LMPD to report a delivery package from Amazon.com was taken from his porch. The man reported his wife saw a large box on her front porch and noticed it was a delivery package containing four small bottles of coconut water, but was waiting for him to take it inside the house. When the husband went to retrieve the package, he noticed it was gone.

The man also reported a suspicious car in front of his home. There was nobody in the car, but he drove his own car behind the black, box-shaped SUV and flashed his high beams on it. The man said he saw a box similar to the delivery package in the SUV, but couldn’t confirm if it was the same package. The man began to ask his neighbors if they saw anything suspicious. It was at this time that a unknown man jumped in the SUV and drove off.

January 2 – Theft

  • 2100 block of Inverness Lane

A Huntingdon Valley resident called LMPD to report that the registration plate from his 2001 Honda had been stolen. He wasn’t sure when or where the registration was removed, but believes it could have been taken from his driveway sometime between Jan. 1 and Jan. 2.


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