Lower Moreland Schools Taking Measures to Increase Security

The School Board will discuss more preventive measures it could take to increase safety at LM.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Lower Moreland School District has announced it will take steps to increase its own security at the High School, Murray Avenue and Pine Road.

The District's Safe School Committee has discussed various ways to make our schools a safer place given what happened in Connecticut earlier this month. A plan for police officers to visit the schools several times a week to interact with teachers and students has already been put into place. Police officers will also participate in some school activities like reading and drug and alcohol awareness assemblies. This will make students feel safer while on school grounds.

"Police officers will make regular visits to the buildings and become familiar with the layout of the buildings, the students, and the staff. Using the expertise of our local law enforcement and experts in the field of school safety, we will continue to provide staff development to our greeters, office staff and all members of the school community."
- Superintendent Marykay Feeley

The Safe School Committee, which was formed seven years ago and is comprised of community members from the County, the Township, Police and Fire Departments, as well as District representatives from schools and township administrators, will continue to talk about ways to increase safety at the schools. One measure that will be discussed is a card access system to enter all schools. This will be on the agenda for January meetings.

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Security measures already in place at Lower Moreland include:

  • A greeter at each building who monitors the door and operates a buzz-in system
  • Use of the EasyLobby Inc. system to scan visitor's drivers' license and check for criminal history.
  • A communication system at each building that is connected to the county-wide emergency response system that with the press of button calls 9-1-1.
  • Two-way radios connected to local emergency responders.
  • A monthly drill schedule where each school conducts drills related to emergency situations and general school safety.
  • Teachers and support staff trained in how to lock down their classrooms and shelter their students in place.
  • Participation in regional security/hazard assessment programs.
  • 52 security camera located in and around school buildings.

The School Board will meet next on Tuesday, January 15.

Liberty 1 December 27, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Allow teachers who are properly trained to quietly carry a firearm. It is the most immediate response to any threat, the police are always after the fact and arrive only to clean up any mess. This is not a criticism of the police but a statement of fact.


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