Gun Pulled on Resident During Home Invasion

Two males posing as deliverymen knocked on someone's door, entered the home and pulled out a gun and asked for a safe.

On Saturday, May 19, at approximately 1 p.m., the Lower Moreland Police Department was called to a resident's home on the 1400 block of Heaton Hill Road in LM Township.

A homeowner reported two black males knocked on the front door of the resident's house posing as deliverymen. When the homeowner opened the door the males entered the home. One of the males possessed a large handgun and pointed it at the homeowner.

The males inquired about a safe in the home. When the males discovered there was not a safe in the home, they ran from the residence on Heaton Hill Road toward Heaton Road.

There were no injuries as a result of the confrontation. The police department is investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact (215) 947-3132.


Last week there were multiple related incidents in the township:

May 17 – Burglary – Forced Entry

  • 40 block of Fetters Mill Square

A Sony 27’’ flat screen TV ($350) was taken out of a one-bedroom apartment in Fetters Mill Square. A resident called the police after discovering that a 12’’ x 9’’ window on the interior door had been broken. Police discovered light ransacking in the dining area and bedroom. The resident was not at home when this occurred told police she had locked the door.

May 16 – Burglary – Forced Entry

  • 290 block of Byberry Rd.

Jessica Derr, 35, of Huntingdon Valley, reported that she arrived home and found the screen was removed from a front window next to the front door. She also said that the rear door was also standing open when she arrived home.

A 52’’ Sony Bravia Plasma screen TV was the only item reported stolen. The wires that were attached to the rear of the TV were laying from the back of the stand across the top and hanging over the front. One of the HDMI connectors was broken from being pulled out sideways from the TV.

May 16 – Burglary – Forced Entry

  • 3800 block of Bradford Rd.

Mikhail Tuchinsky, 58, of Huntingdon Valley, called LMPD to report that his rear door handle to his house was broken. He entered his house and found his kitchen, dining room, living room and two bedrooms had light ransacking.

Two landscapers who had been working outside the home all day reported to Mikhail that they saw a black male was on the property earlier posing as a pool maintenance worker. He was described as a light-skin male, tall, heavyset, short hair with large teeth. After being told the owners were not home, the male proceeded to the rear yard and touched a statue that was next to the in-ground pool. He tiled the small fish statue to the side and looked underneath it. The male then talked on his cell phone and walked back and forth four times between the side driveway and the rear yard. The landscapers stated the male was driving a white Chevrolet sedan.

The homeowners claim that several pieces of jewelry were taken from the bedroom dresser and a ring was taken from a kitchen shelf. 


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