Ex-Boyfriend Found on Woman's Porch in Fetal Position, Police Say

A Huntingdon Valley resident found her ex-boyfriend passed out on her back porch with a six-inch steak knife in a pocket, according to police.

A Huntingdon Valley resident contacted the Lower Morland Police Department after she found her ex-boyfriend passed out on her back porch on 40 block of Radburn Road. It was also reported that the 27-year-old man, from Philadelphia, also had a knife.

The woman’s husband reported that the ex-boyfriend had a knife because the tires on his car had been slashed. The woman told police that she had received phone calls from her estranged boyfriend, but eventually turned her phone off because she did not wish to speak with him after receiving four voice mails.

She told police that when she returned home earlier in the night, the ex-boyfriend emerged from the shadows and pushed her into a parked car in her driveway. She did not report being threatened by him, and then the man began to walk down the street off the property.

Believing he left for the night, she and her husband went inside the house and locked the doors. The next morning, however, they found the ex-boyfriend on their back porch laying in the fetal position. Police arrived and found him in the fetal position, and then instructed him to get up. A pat-down revealed a six-inch long steak knife and an empty orange bottle of pills.

The man told police he consumed all 30 tablets of sleeping pills, which were filled on Feb. 20. He told police he took the pills because he “No longer wanted to wake up … and deal with this shit,” and “I wanted to go to sleep forever.”

Police investigated damage to two cars at the residence. A white Volkswagon Jetta had both passenger tires deflated and its side door mirror missing. The right windshield wiper was also ripped off. A silver Jetta that was parked next to the white one and both of its driver side tires deflated, its driver side mirror missing and its left windshield wiper bent up and away from the windshield.

The man was transported to Abington Memorial Hospital for evaluation. On Feb. 24, a ciminal complaint was completed, charging him with a felony and several misdemeanors.

The preceeding information was supplied by the Lower Moreland police department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.


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