Assault Reported at the Methadone Clinic

One patient assaulted another patient outside of the Discovery House on Philmont Avenue.

The following information was supplied by the Lower Moreland Police Department:

On Jan 3, the Lower Moreland Police Department responded to the Discovery House, 2755 Philmont Ave., for a reported assault in progress. Police found that Nicholas Capaldi, 27, of Glenside, had just assaulted two other patients in front of the facility, and then walked away toward the Philmont Train Station. He was found at the Train Station and taken into custody after being identified by Discovery House staff.

One of the victims told police that he and two other friends were walking to the facility to receive their daily treatment when they were confronted by Capaldi. According to the report, they were friends with Capaldi, but Capaldi was questioning them about $12 he believed was owed to him by one of the victims. Both parties separated, but a short time later Capaldi turned around and charged towards the male victim and punched him in the face several times with a closed fist. The girl who the victim was with attempted to pull Capaldi off of him, but was subsequently elbowed in the face. Her right cheek was visibly swollen.

An employee of the Discovery House was outside smoking a cigarette while on break and confirmed the information in the report. Capaldi will later be arraigned before a Judge for assault and related charges.  

openminded February 13, 2013 at 08:11 PM
OMG!!!! its the end of the world...ya know its funny because at least each n every one of use can say were not perfect and because of everything we been thru,we dont judge others..so stop judging people who go there.not everyone is the same. not every one that goes there is still using drugs..do u kno how many people get kicked off because of that?? you have no idea what ur talking about.yea theres a couple of people that make d.h look bad.but come on.lower moreland wasnt perfect in ANY way before discovery house came.theres people,like me,who take being clean and wanting to do better serious.u cant say everyone there is like those guys.. and yes shame on them for what they were doin.i cant argue with that.but be open minded.this town isnt perfect,neither is the state we live in nor this world..read all the other police reports that dont deal with people from discovery house..yes u have ur opinion which every has,but again,u cant seriously think everyone that goes there are jus like these guys..if it wasnt for discovery house, i dont know where id be, if it wasnt for the people who go there and the sessions i have in a group setting or a one on one with a counsler. i have changed my life around,as well as many others i know that go there.i coulda been dead or still using ignoring my three sons and not being the mother i am today for them n watchin them grow. so please, dont tell me discovery house is such a bad place.it has saved my life as well as other people lives
Capt. Obvious February 13, 2013 at 09:34 PM
one question - would you go if it was located somewhere else?
Ken Cares February 15, 2013 at 05:26 PM
Listen Captain Ignorant, you spout off all of your little stabs at a place of business. Why don't I start a campaign against the bars that serve minors here or the parents that serve their children liquor at home, or the drug busts of the kids in town or any number of far more dangerous things that are happening here. No...I choose to worry about some of the bigger things in life..wars, taxes, guns in our schools, shootings in courthouses, movie theaters, etc. Not things like some 300+ people trying to get their lives together. Your article about the accident...again 1 person. Ask the cops how many other "normal" people carry similar items in their vehicles not to mention all the guns floating around out there. It's not drug addicts shooting up your schools. Worry about that. The vandalism in the cemetery was found to be local youth trying to have fun. Seriously captain...I'd say get off your high horse but yours is much too low to be picking on people you know nothing about. Oh and your comment about me being a junkie...nice! but it isn't personal is it? Have you asked to visit Discovery House yet captain or are you afraid of those evil nasty people down there? You are a coward who has to hide in his little protected room taking shots at things "just because". Get a life!!
Capt. Obvious February 16, 2013 at 05:54 AM
Hey look. Mr Storytime is back. Waiting for my apology, now that you made a fool out of yourself.
the truth February 27, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Discovery house is full of drugs I know first hand use to go there. Drug deals in parking lot and on top of that people are taking zanex and methadone. Death combo and they just let it slide. I have to say the clinic I'm at now is nothing like that one. Thought they all where like that. WRONG Dave the owner all he wants it the money its privately owned.


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