Fetters Mill Bridge Response Pleases Lower Moreland Officials

Montgomery County Commissioners Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards have responded to Lower Moreland's needs.

Montgomery County officials recently said they are looking into ways to re-open the Fetters Mill Bridge with a temporary fix since the detour has been up for close to six months in Lower Moreland.

While the bridge opening would alleviate traffic build-up and headaches for motorists, the bigger picture is Montgomery County’s responsiveness to Lower Moreland Township.

“They recognize that the problems exist,” Lower Moreland Township President Robert Demartinis said. “The County Commissioners are responding and we're very pleased with that.”

With the continued detour in Huntingdon Valley, the Public Works Department is taking a look at the timing of the lights at Welsh Road and Huntingdon Pike to help with detoured traffic.

“My hope is that the bridge would re-open, which would negate the need to have the lights,” Demartinis said. “It's a critical crossing.”

Montco Commissioners Leslie Richards and Josh Shapiro have been responsive on two recent issues in Lower Moreland. The bridge is one, and the is the other.

Over the last couple of months, Lower Moreland officials have looked into ways to get the shared athletic fields approved in order to begin construction.

“They were helpful in accelerating a permit we needed to move forward with it in a timely fashion,” Demartinis said.“Commissioners have been responsive to us here in Lower Moreland.”

marian tracey March 18, 2013 at 01:24 PM
I do hope the bridge reopens asap making it safe for everyone and opening up a crucial roadway for so many. The traffic congestion on alternate routes since the bridge has closed is very bad especially during rush hours.
a r March 21, 2013 at 02:58 PM
what's dangerous is rush hour traffic speeding through the winding streets of bryn athyn and crossing that bridge much too fast. The bridge should remain closed to cars and be left to be admired in the historical district that it is the star player in. Rush hour traffic should stay where it belongs - on the major roads. Sorry everyone's route between Huntingdon Pike and the Starbucks in Jenkintown has been so incredibly inconvenienced by a 3 minute detour.


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