Customers Wash their Cars and Pets at Valley Car Wash

Customers can get their car washed and clean their pet all at the same time at the Valley Car Wash on Huntingdon Pike.

Taking your pet to a groomer can be very expensive. Trying to get your own pets to sit still during a bath can be aggravating.  But at the Valley Car Wash, it’s the best of both worlds.

Valley Car Wash, 2261 Huntingdon Pike, has its very own “All Paws Pet Wash” to go along with its traditional drive-through car wash. Tagged as a “Tail Waggin’ Good Time, the do-it-yourself machine comes equipped with a washing hose, drying hose, and everything you'd need to clean your pets.

"All of the soaps and conditioners, everything that's in there is heated," Valley Car Wash manager Glen Titter said. "The water is warm immediately as soon as you press a button, so you're not freezing your pet, putting cold shampoos and things on them. It's pampering as much as you can ... You can blow them dry before you take them home."

Pet owners can choose Oat shampoo or Tearless Shampoo, as well as conditioner and flea & tick protection.

The pet wash has been around for about a year or so, and Titter said many people come up with their pets without even getting their car washed. The idea is also a unique one.

"I don't believe I know of any others like it around the area," Titter said.

Just like paying to put air in your tires or to use the vacuum hose, “All Paws Pet Wash” costs $10 for 10 minutes. Customers deposit money at the machine and can start from there. Drying towels and grooming brushes are also available via a dispenser for $1 each.

All Paws Pet Wash March 01, 2013 at 04:35 PM
So excited for the new pet wash! If that one isn't close to you, here's a list of all the pet wash locations in the area: http://www.allpawspetwash.com/installations.html


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