New Wawa Gas Station Drawing Mixed Reviews in Lower Moreland

The proposed Wawa Gas Station to go up at the corner of Red Lion Rd. and Philmont Ave. has drawn some negative attention from residents.

Residents in Lower Moreland might soon be able to pick up a Shorti hoagie and fill up their gas tanks all in one fell swoop. But not everyone is happy about their delicious six-inch sub to go along with a full tank of fuel.

The Board of Commissioners approved a text amendment change to the township’s revitalization ordinance that would allow a Wawa with fueling pumps to go up at the corner of Red Lion Rd. and Philmont Ave.

Under the current structure, convenient stores are permitted in the revitalization district along Philmont Ave., but gas pumps are not. Flooding in the area of the new proposed site was one worry that was brought up at the meeting Wednesday.

But the commissioners who did approve the amendment in a 4-1 vote (Commissioner Eleanor Schneider opposed), feel the business could increase further development on the street.

Another concern for residents was the possible traffic incidents due to heavy backups at the popular convenient chain store. Board President Fran Devinney said a traffic engineer from Wawa and the commissioners completed a traffic study, and determined the traffic along Red Lion Rd. and Philmont Ave. could be improved during peak and non-peak hours.

One more key concern on the minds of the residents with a new Wawa in the neighborhood is loitering. The Wawa at 155 Byberry Rd. has proven to be a late-night loitering spot for teenagers in the township.  It’s kind of like what the In N Out used to be near the corner of County Line Rd. and Huntingdon Pike.

These places are known meeting spots to hang out, drink and a possible place for the exchange of drugs. It is a real concern for residents who live in close quarters to the new proposed site.

There have already been a number of petitions submitted by residents to the township regarding this matter, even before last week’s meeting. The next step in this process is to begin the land development process. No meetings is scheduled as of yet regarding this matter.

Ray McLaughlin April 04, 2011 at 01:04 AM
I realize I may not understand local government, especially the Lower Moreland Board of Commissioners, but at the meeting we were told the the approved amendent was to to allow WAWA on the specifice site mentioned buy to allow a convience store with gas pumps in the corridor between Red Lion Road and Huntingdon Pike on Philmont Avenue. Did they lie to us? Weren't they first have to approve a traffic pattern? and then vote on WAWA! I am extremely disappointed if this article is correct about WAWA and all the commissioners should be sacked!
Thomas April 25, 2011 at 01:39 PM
Lower Moreland is always scared of change. Grow a pair. That would be a great spot for a gas station/wawa. Why stop them from putting one in there. Philmont ave looks horrrible now with the exception of TD Bank.


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