Water Main Work Creates Traffic Woes on County Line

Traffic restrictions at County Line and York roads has caused a build up of traffic congestion at the busy intersection. The section is expected to be complete by next week.

Traveling along the County Line and York road intersection has its harrowing moments, but the past two weeks have been practically impossible for motorists.

The ongoing project to replace seven miles of water main pipes made a stop at the intersection last week, forcing the stretch of road down to two lanes while crews prevented drivers from making left turns during late morning hours into the early afternoon.

For example, if you are traveling westbound on County Line, and wanted to turn left on York, workers will stop you and direct you to keep driving on County Line.

Though the project is still months away from completion, Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority spokesperson Patrick Cleary says that section will be cleared of construction by early next week.

"It should really be finished in the next couple days, but the forecast doesn't look good for Friday," he said. "I can't control the weather."

Cleary advises all residents and motorists to monitor the project's progress at the authority's website. Every Friday, at the end of business, an update is posted describing where crews will be located the following week.

The water main project began in October, divided into two separate contracts. The first contract encompasses the section of County Line between Valley and Centennial roads, and the second between Centennial and Pine Road in Lower Southampton.

Working on smaller subsections at a time, crews tear up the road, replace the transmission pipe, then cover the section with a cold patch of asphalt. Once the weather warms up, PennDOT will come in and properly repave the seven-mile stretch.


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