Lower Moreland Grads Start Affordable Online Clothing Company

Are you tired of paying $50 for a t-shirt and other outrageous prices for clothing that should be cheaper? Then Thread Society might be your answer.

In today’s economy it seems like we overpay for everything. Whether it's gas for your car, groceries or clothes, everyone is searching for the best deal to make ends meet the best way possible.

Some people may actually drive a little further to find a cheaper gas station than one that's closer by, while others may seek out discount food stores to do their shopping. Though with every “deal” you find, you’re probably sacrificing a little quality with it. But at Thread Society, you get a quality product at a quality price.

Founded in August of 2012, Brandon Levithan and Michael Nemeroff’s company hopes to put an end to the $50 T-shirt trend. Levithan is a 2002 LM graduate while Nemeroff graduated in 2003.

“The idea had been kicked around for about a year before we actually incorporated and started up,” Levithan said. “We noticed there was a void in the t-shirt and casual apparel market for high quality, long lasting goods that are affordable to everyone. We realized this could be done by selling direct to customers, therefore cutting out the conventional retail store model.”

Thread Society provides men and women's apparel like t-shirts, hooded and long-sleeved shirts, zipper-up sweatshirts, tank tops and more. T-shirts are sold for under $10 and some hooded shirts for under $20.

Department stores can sell these same items for upwards of $50-$150. And many people are buying these “high-quality” brand t-shirts for outrageous prices. By selling their product online online, Levithan and Nemeroff are able to sell their product at a reasonable and appropriate price.

“Social media and new internet marketing technology has been able to make this possible to reach US retail customers without our product existing on shelves at your local retailer,” Levithan added.

What also makes Thread Society unique is its charitable giveback. For every item purchased, their Shirt-for-Shirt program donates new apparel like blankets, sweatshirts, winter hits and gloves to needy children. Levithan says the Shirt-for-Shirt program is a major motivating factor in the company.

“We have chosen a select few local charities as well as a few abroad that all have strong core values to help educate, feed, and clothe children,” Levithan said. “Because we are a new company and have an abundance of clothing we are beginning by donating a sweatshirt, hat, gloves, or a blanket over the winter months to a child in need with every purchase.”

As another way to give back, Thread Society is offering any Lower Moreland former graduate or resident 20-percent their first purchase. Just enter the code: LOWERMORELAND when placing your order.


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